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Here are some sample videos from past newsletters:

How does your clarinet mouthpiece affect your sound, and how do you find the one that is right for you?

Do you want to improve your finger technique?

There are many ways to practise that help us learn things much faster.

Here is a technic to master fast passages using different rhythms. This exercise comes from the Nov. 28th, 2012 newsletter. Download this worksheet, and watch the video:

Play A Duet With Me!

One of the best ways to improve our skills as a musician is to perform with others. This can include larger groups, such as an orchestra or band, or smaller groups (duets, trios etc) which we call chamber music. I love playing chamber music, because I experience the challenges of ensemble playing - tuning, balance, blend, matching styles with other players, dynamics and staying together. I also have similar challenges to solo playing, because in chamber music, nobody else is doubling my part the way they might in band. It is a nice combination.

I wanted to find a way to play duets with you. Since you aren't in my studio with me, we'll try the next best thing. I am including a duet here for those of you who perform at an intermediate (to advanced) level. If you like the concept of online duets, please let me know, and I can upload duets at various difficulty levels in the future. I already have some very easy duets recorded, and I would like to expand to other levels.

Here, I have recorded each part, of the Rondo alla Pollacca by Kuhlau. You can play along with me in unison as you learn the parts, and you can also play the duet part along with me if you play one part, while I play the other. Of course, nothing beats playing chamber music together with a live person, so if you can find a friend to play with, try it with them.

Kuhlau - Rondo all a Pollacca (excerpt from full movement) - arr. for two Clarinets. Download the printed sheet music here.

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